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Well, I bought my first exotic breeding pair today - and at a fairly reasonable price, too!

On the left, we have Perscitia, a female Skydancer with iridescent primary, shimmer secondary, and crackle tertiary.

On the right, we have Viserion, a male Skydancer with tiger primary, shimmer secondary, and gembond tertiary.

I seriously spent about 2 hours going through color spreads this morning trying to figure out what I wanted - and I also wanted to see if I could spend less than 30,000 treasure on the pair (which I did!) while getting some exotic tertiary characteristics.

I made the decision to purchase Perscitia fairly quickly, but Viserion proved a more difficult decision. His coloration is very similar to Falcor’s, and I wanted to try something different. But, of all the male Skydancers with the traits that I wanted in the price range I was sticking to, the potential combinations of these two were too much to pass up.

The next step was to make sure that they could actually mate! I really like the Scrying Workshop’s tools to check these kinds of things, but I wish the interface was a little less clunky (I had to keep two or three tabs open at a time to check all of this information).

Anyway, they’ll be ready to breed in about 3.5 weeks. In the meantime, I’ll likely be leveling them in the Coliseum for fun.

I’m going to need to get a bigger lair!

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these are really pretty baby guardians!

Aw, thank you, Anna! Their mother is really pretty, I think. Their father’s coloration is what gave Alsafi her gorgeous white wings.

Part of me wants to try and save up to get her a Crackle scroll, but I may just go ahead and auction her off. I’m debating.

If you or anyone else who I’m friends with on the game wants one, please let me know!

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So these little darlings just hatched this morning!

From left to right we have:

Alsafi: Female Guardian

Dulcia: Female Guardian

Levitas: Male Guardian

Their sire is Falcor and their dam is Gorbash.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with these cuties. If anyone wants a baby Guardian and will give her or him a good home, feel free to drop me an ask!

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[FLIGHT RISING] New Members Giveaway! [ENDS APRIL 20, 2014]


To celebrate the new influx of registrations, I’m having an impromptu giveaway! I’ve got lots of fun stuff hoarded from playing throughout the winter, as well as some cute dragons and hatchlings I have no room for, so I’m hosting a giveaway to send some nice stuff to the…

This is actually my first giveaway reblog!

User name: VekEldar427 Player ID: 51860

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